You can afford to invest smarter 

Combining a clear big-picture framework with a patient approach on individual equities = a better risk/reward ratio.


√  Your own account

Implemented in your own account at Interactive Brokers. $125,000 minimum. You have 24/7 visibility. 


 Simple fee structure

No asset management fee. We charge a performance based fee of 12% of profits, subject to a high-water-mark test.


An approach that fits your situation

When you reach the stage of having accumulated a sizeable net worth, whether from working hard, having a successful business or from investing well, the last thing you want is to turn around and lose it. Once you become a high-net-worth individual, the primary focus is not losing money – preservation of capital. Yes, you want to earn some reasonable rate of return on your money, but you are not inclined to chase high-payoff, high-risk opportunities if they entail more than a very small risk of losing money. So, the mandate becomes; how can you preserve your capital, earn a reasonable inflation-adjusted return without assuming a lot of risk, while still giving yourself the opportunity for some outsized gains over the long term. High-net-worth investors have the advantage of not being compelled to invest and the ability to take a long-term view. We believe that these traits, when combined with good research provide them with a distinct edge and is the smart way to invest. 

Please peruse our strategy and our thought pieces. Please contact us if you would like to chat about implementing this strategy for part of your capital, or would like to receive our thought piece on what it takes to invest better for the long term.