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Sample Investment Advisory Agreement and Required Regulatory Disclosures

Sample Advisor Agreement

Regulatory Requirement Disclosures

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  2. Form ADV Part 2
  3. Our Code of Ethics
  4. Our Privacy Policy
  5. Our Business Continuity Notice

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Acknowledgment of Disclosure Statements

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Client hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of Part 2A of Adviser’s Form ADV and understands that he/she has the right to terminate this Agreement for advisory services without penalty, within five business days after execution of this Agreement.

Client hereby acknowledges having received a copy of Adviser’s Privacy Policy as required under the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act, Regulation S-P.

Qualified Client status

Registered investment advisers generally are prohibited by section 205(a)(1) of the Advisers Act from charging performance-based compensation. An exemption from this prohibition is provided by Rule 205-3 under the Advisers Act for clients that meet the definition of a "qualified client."

Currently, Rule 205-3 provides that in order to be a qualified client, a client must have either (i) at least $1 million of assets under the management of the investment adviser, or (ii) a net worth (together, in the case of a client which is a natural person, with assets held jointly with a spouse) which the investment adviser reasonably believes to be in excess of $2.1 million.