How we work for you

Your success in retaining an active manager is dependent upon the manager doing good research, providing a cost efficient structure that is easily accessible with low fees, and lastly, on managing the portfolio positions. We differ from traditional hedge fund providers in a few key respects:


Our solutions are implemented for you in your own separately managed account so your funds are always in your name. This format also permits you to have complete transparency into your holdings, as well as the ability to terminate our advisory services without any lock-up restrictions or early withdrawal penalties.

Low minimum investment

Traditional hedge funds typically have minimum investments of at least $250,000 for each strategy. The minimum investment for our solutions range from $20,000 up to $50,000, giving you a lot more flexibility for diversification.

Low fees

Our fees are a flat 1% for all of our solutions, and our opportunistic solutions carry an additional performance fee of 10% of profits. There is no performance fee on our permanent capital solutions. This is significantly less than the traditional 2% base and 20% performance fee for traditional hedge funds.

Promoting our ideas

For our performance based opportunistic solutions, we will generally attempt to make our investment thesis widely known once we have accumulated our desired exposure. This entails publishing articles on websites like Seeking Alpha where we have been a contributor since 2011, and further distribution of articles on other social media outlets. In some cases, this can cause a significant move in the stock price in our favor.