A peace of mind solution

Transparent, evidence-based, intelligently adaptive, low cost, rules-based, flexible risk levels, secure implementation.


Actavest Balanced Plus Allocation Solution

The goal of this strategy is to outperform a traditional balanced 60/40 benchmark in all environments with less volatility and improved downside protection.¹

We’ve taken the classic 60/40 solution and made it more intelligently adaptive to the risk environment. We'll show you the evidence so you can decide for yourself. It's your future. Take time to understand it.




 Our process is based on rational evidence, supported by the data, and clearly explained. 

Benefit: Understand how your money is being managed and have peace of mind in the process.



Our rules-based model updates daily and, if necessary, your allocations are modified. 

Benefit: Investing according to a set of tested predefined rules eliminates emotional investing.


Low Fees 

Total solution cost is about 0.33% per year and includes our advisory fee of 0.25% per year. 

Benefit: More of your money stays invested in the product to compound and grow over time.

Our service to you

Our core value proposition is our ability to research and design unique value-add investment strategies. Designing and testing rules-based solutions for ten years, we understand the pitfalls to avoid to ensure a robust strategy that has a chance of being successful over the long term.

Choosing an evidence-based and rules-based process allows you to understand your portfolio allocations at all times. We don’t expect you to entrust us with your retirement portfolio without first understanding the process and buying into the logic. We lay out our process and rules in simple terms so you can understand it. During uncertain times, you can take comfort knowing that the evidence is on your side, which is better than investing based on the sentiment of the day.

We implement the strategy in your separate account in a fiduciary capacity, according to the rules we have developed and tested. Our annual fee of 0.25% is low in both absolute terms and relative to the value-add we expect to deliver. We are always accessible if you have questions, need to change your risk preference or make withdrawals.


Avoiding large drawdowns makes a big difference¹

Lots of strategies claim to be focussed on insulating you from drawdowns.

We actually show you our process.

How the strategy works

Conventional balanced funds (60/40) divide the portfolio between stocks (higher return, higher risk) and bonds (lower return, lower risk). They are static allocations, which rebalance occasionally, but do not actively consider the risk environment.

We have dissected the risk environment more carefully and observe that there are smaller, shorter-duration risks which are unpredictable and not worth trying to navigate, but the larger, longer-duration risks (recessions) are more predictable and navigable.

Our asset allocation model starts with the same basic framework as a traditional balanced fund, but makes allocation adjustments for longer-duration risks, using our proprietary, real-time, recession probability model. 

If the probability of being in a recession is very low, we increase exposure to stocks and reduce exposure to bonds. As the recession probability increases, we increase our exposure to bonds and reduce our exposure to stocks. The portfolio is rebalanced whenever allocations exceed a drift tolerance.

These adjustments result in a meaningful increase in returns and a reduction in risk, and with time and compounding, make a significant difference to the value of your retirement savings.


Watch our 15-minute PowerPoint presentation and/or download our White Paper for a detailed explanation of how it works. We walk you through the logic and evidence behind this solution.  We want you to understand how your savings are being invested.

View our PowerPoint presentation

Download our White Paper

One strategy - 4 risk models. Easily transition as your goals change. You control your own glide path.


Baseline equity allocation = 90%

Moderately Aggressive

Baseline equity allocation = 80%

Moderately Conservative

Baseline equity allocation = 70%


Baseline equity allocation = 60%


Implemented in your account, in your name, at your trusted custodian.




You provide us with a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to implement the strategy for you as a fiduciary.

You have 24/7 visibility. 

We'd like to implement this solution for you

If you want an investment solution that is:

  • based on evidence
  • transparent and understandable
  • implemented according to tested predefined rules
  • held at your trusted custodian
  • invested using 4 low-cost highly liquid ETFs
  • flexible to your changing risk levels
  • delivered for a low-cost fee
  • cancellable at your option any time
  • expected to give you better results with less drawdown stress,

then please leave us your details and we'll follow up to schedule a conversation. 

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1. We expect smaller outperformance in years when the equity market rises and more significant outperformance in years when the equity market declines. Disclaimer: This target goal and the example results shown in the chart are based upon the results obtained by testing our rules-based process over a 30-year period starting in 1986, however, there can be no assurance that this strategy will be able to achieve its objectives or similar returns in the future (see our White Paper for our process and detailed performance data by year and risk level).