1 ⟩ Preparation

  We actively seek out and maintain a carefully selected and well-researched inventory of good small to mid-cap companies that we would like to own for the long term.

2 ⟩ Patience

  We wait patiently for any of our desired companies to go on sale. Our large inventory of pre-vetted companies increases the likelihood that something will be on sale.

3 ⟩ Buy to hold

  As companies breach our target price, we begin to accumulate a position. Holding long-term will minimize taxes and commissions and allow more of your money to compound each year.


Our goal is to grow you an enduring portfolio

While certain market conditions are more conducive to bargain hunting, consider that if we are able to add just one good company per month to your portfolio, after five years you will own an appreciated portfolio of 60 companies that will serve you well for the long term. That is our goal.


Start to invest with as little as $10,000

You will need to open an account with Interactive Brokers and provide us with a limited power of attorney to implement our strategy for you. For more details on opening an account see our FAQ's.



Have a smart independent fiduciary asset manager working to help you build wealth strategically.

What is the best way to invest $10000?


Why our strategy is a better way to build wealth

Long-term visibility. Since we are taking a long-term approach to building wealth, our focus leans toward investing in stable boring companies with more predictable futures. We don’t focus on the latest big trend idea. Our primary consideration is that the company will still be around in 10 years’ time, i.e. they will not be innovated out of existence.

Company size. Our focus is on small to mid-cap companies ($300m - $5 bn market cap ) where good research is more likely to uncover under-the-radar value opportunities.

Large inventory of pre-vetted ideas. Having a large stable of pre-vetted companies that we wish to own enhances the likelihood that one of them will be on sale.

A skilled emerging manager. Good independent primary research and a solid understanding of how to assess a company’s value and future prospects is critical, as is the art of position sizing and risk management.

Patience. This is probably the single most important element in investment success, i.e. waiting for the right opportunities. There are no forced allocations. We only put capital to work if there are exceptional opportunities. This is in contrast to being invested in a mutual fund, where for the most part 100% of your capital is always invested regardless of the quality of the opportunities available, and also differs from a dollar-cost averaging program which allocates capital regardless of valuations.

Managed risk. By buying right, we always have a good margin of safety on our holdings. Also, we limit allocations to one name and don’t overexpose you to any one industry. As a general guideline, we won't allocate more than 15% of your portfolio to any one company at the time of purchase, however since each portfolio is separately managed, we will request from you a maximum dollar amount that you are comfortable allocating to any one company.

Taxes. When we purchase a company, our intention is to hold it for a very long time, so we don’t expect to trigger many taxable gains. This is particularly valuable to you if you have already maxed out your tax-deferred accounts. Taxes take a big bite out of your portfolio, even more so, when you realize that is money that could be compounding every year for you.

Fees. High fees can be a real burden to your equity portfolio. Our fees are 1% of assets under management (AUM). Interactive Brokers account fee is $10 per month and will normally include any trading commissions you incur. There are no setup or cancellation fees.


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FREE Retirement planning spreadsheet

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