Our edge is a quantitative framework for getting the big picture right.

We have developed a quantitative framework for positioning your equity market exposure throughout the economic cycle. This proprietary framework is the foundation of all our solutions. Tested on over 50 years of historical data, it successfully navigated every market cycle and provided significantly higher returns with less risk than a passive buy-and-hold strategy. 

Getting the big picture right is the most important investment decision you make.

     "For most of us, over a two- to three- to five-year time frame, hitting the right mark in terms of the mix of offense versus defense in a portfolio is the most important single decision. If you get the offense versus the defense right, it doesn’t matter really what you pick, what stocks you bought, or whether you did stocks versus bonds or whether you did U.S. versus foreign or whether you did small-cap versus large- or growth versus value. If you get it wrong as far as calibrating your portfolio between being defensive and more aggressive, all that other stuff isn’t going to save you. But if you get it right, you will be heading in the right direction."   -   Howard Marks, Barrons, October 2018.

The academic research confirms that about 75% of a typical fund’s variation in time-series returns comes from general market movement, with the remaining portion split roughly evenly between the specific asset allocation and active management. Our framework provides a logical, tested, rules-based methodology to tilting the odds in your favor for this most important decision.

If you are interested in accessing the output from our quantitative market exposure framework to help with your portfolio allocations, please reach out on our contact page.

Discover our solutions

Balanced-Plus Allocation Solution

Suitable for retirement accounts - IRA and 401k

The goal of this product is to grow your portfolio in all environments and do so with less volatility and improved downside protection versus a 60/40 benchmark.

This rules-based solution is intelligently adaptive to the risk environment. It uses our proprietary quantitative framework to calibrate your asset allocations consistent with the balance between the real and perceived risks of the market. 

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Regardless of your age or account size, this is is a sensible solution to help you achieve your retirement plan.

Best suited for tax-deferred accounts.

Long/Short Equity Solution

Suitable for discretionary long-term investment capital

The goal of this product is to provide attractive, uncorrelated returns through all economic environments. 

Combines our proprietary quantitative framework for determining appropriate market exposure with our discretionary research on individual equities. We maintain a sizeable list of well-researched investment candidates and apply a disciplined and patient approach to allocating capital.

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For more sophisticated higher-net-worth investors who want to harness the best of our quantitative and fundamental research.

Available only for taxable, margin approved accounts.

Independent thinking

What sets us apart

As an independent researcher, we bring a differentiated approach to developing solutions that can deliver positive results. We only offer solutions where we believe that our proprietary research gives us an edge. 

Our solutions are available to individual investors in a separately managed account format.  In most cases, you can keep your existing account at your trusted custodian. You provide us with a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to implement the strategy in your account. You have 24/7 visibility of your account at all times. You can cancel at any time, without penalties.