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Focussed on delivering value-add asset management solutions for your investment portfolio

  We are a research-driven, independent, asset manager, designing solutions to help you get better-than-average outcomes with your investment portfolio.

  The key to achieving this goal is our research and being able to deliver value-add solutions in a low-cost, efficient manner. Your outcome is our key priority, consistent with our fiduciary responsibility.

√  We only offer solutions where we believe that our proprietary research gives us an edge. Our focus is on designing evidence and rule-based solutions that can deliver a better return than conventional solutions and with less risk. 

  We believe that if you have been shown enough evidence and understand the process, you are more likely to stay with the strategy for the long-term. We provide as much education as possible (with the exception of proprietary concepts).

  Our rules-based solutions are easily scalable and allow us to provide our solutions at a low fee; both absolute, and relative to the value-add we expect to deliver.

Jonathan Selsick - Founder

Jonathan Selsick is responsible for the overall management of the firm as well as the research, development and implementation of the firm investment strategies.

The quantitative solutions are based upon ten years of experience developing investment models, hands-on research, exploring data sources, testing economic theories and ideas, and learning from the data.

Some of his ideas – both macro and individual stock selection ideas - can be found on Seeking Alpha where he has been a contributor since 2011, and also on an educational video channel he hosts on YouTube called "Invest with Knowledge" to help investors understand key big picture concepts when investing for the long term.

Jonathan earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics from Witwatersrand University, South Africa, and an MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana.  He is a Registered Investment Advisor and holds a Series 65 license.

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