Actavest Balanced Plus Allocation Solution

Retire well with a smart, all-in-one, peace of mind autopilot solution.


Strategy basics

We’ve taken the classic 60/40 solution and made it more intelligently adaptive to the risk environment. Our solution uses a tested, quantitative process to adjust your asset allocations using our proprietary market cycle framework. The goal of this product is to grow your portfolio in all environments and do so with less volatility and improved downside protection versus a 60/40 benchmark.

Our target long-term nominal return estimate for this strategy is approximately 9% per year, or 2%-3% per annum better than the 60/40 benchmark¹.


Intelligently adaptive asset allocation adjusts to reflect the balance between the real and perceived risks.

If the real risk is low and the perceived risk is high, we increase exposure to stocks and reduce exposure to bonds. If the real risk is high and the perceived risk is low, we decrease exposure to stocks and increase exposure to bonds. The dynamic, rules-based process is based on our proprietary quantitative market cycle framework tested to consistently perform on over 50 years of historical data.



Avoiding large drawdowns makes a big difference¹





Simple implementation using four low-cost ETFs. 


Sample baseline allocation shown.



Implemented in your account, in your name, at your trusted custodian.




You provide us with a Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA) to implement the strategy for you as a fiduciary.

You have 24/7 visibility. 

Our annual fee


or $50/year for every $10,000 invested. Underlying ETF fees will add approximately 0.05%.

Consider the benefits

√ An autopilot algorithmic solution implemented according to tested predefined rules

 Based on evidence

√ Invested using just four low-cost highly liquid ETFs

√ Flexible to your changing risk levels

√ Held at your trusted custodian

√ Delivered for a low-cost fee

√ Cancellable at your option any time

√ Expected to give you better results with less drawdown stress


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1. We expect smaller outperformance in years when the equity market rises and more significant outperformance in years when the equity market declines. Disclaimer:  This target goal and the example results shown in the chart are based upon the results obtained by testing our rules-based process over a 30-year period starting in 1986, however, there can be no assurance that this strategy will be able to achieve its objectives or similar returns in the future. With secular growth for the coming decades expected to be lower than it has been historically, it is prudent to project lower returns for a conventional 60/40 portfolio going forward. Our target goal of 9% nominal returns is thus 3.0% lower than our strategy would have achieved over the past 30 years. 

Our service to you

Our core value proposition is our ability to research and design unique value-add investment strategies. Designing and testing rules-based solutions for ten years, we understand the pitfalls to avoid to ensure a robust strategy that has a chance of being successful over the long term.

We implement the strategy in your separate account in a fiduciary capacity, according to the rules we have developed and tested. Our annual fee of 0.50% is low in both absolute terms and relative to the value-add we expect to deliver. We are always accessible if you have questions, need to change your risk preference or make withdrawals.

Prepare to retire well

Ensuring you can retire well is a two-step process:

1. You have to prepare to make sufficient contributions to your retirement savings account.

2. Those savings need to be invested wisely to provide a real return in excess of inflation. 

We can help with step number 2.

Let’s do this together!

Analyze your choices

Easily visualize scenarios to achieve a balance between the savings you set aside in your working years and your expected retirement lifestyle with our retirement planning spreadsheetThe spreadsheet includes our target real return expectation for our investment solution.

Next, learn how our solution works and what makes it smarter.

Implement smartly

When you are ready, we can implement our solution in your existing account for a low annual fee of 0.50% per year.

You can get back to living your life, knowing you have a professionally managed peace-of-mind retirement solution.

You still have 24/7 visibility of your account so check in anytime to see how you are doing.