Investment Landscape Report

About this publication

  • An efficient way of keeping track of the total investment universe, allowing you to get a big picture overview and discover interesting trends and outlier opportunities in a single place and in a short amount of time (15 minutes).
  • It’s an idea screener in a non-conventional way, using a systematic process that we can repeat on a monthly basis, mostly geared toward finding ideas on the fringes where performance may have veered way beyond a standard deviation.
  • The investing timeframe is focused more on the big picture than on week-to-week trading opportunities; mostly bottom fishing for long term value opportunities.
  • The goal is to provide you with ideas for further research or alert you to a name you were interested in but didn’t realize had become so cheap.
  • If you come away with one good idea, it will have been worth your time.


The report is divided into six sections; 1/. Interest rates and bonds, 2/. Commodities, 3/. US Equities, 4/. Foreign currencies and equity indices, 5/. Dividend actions, and 6/. Curated searches from Google using terms to discover outlier events. A monthly publication. Specific investments we are pursuing are highlighted in yellow.


This sample report (April 2020) is currently available for free. Future issues will be available by subscription for $15 per monthly issue. If you are interested in subscribing, please contact us.